2019 Denman Chardonnay

2019 Denman Chardonnay

2019 Chardonnay

Wonderfully lifted, floral, ripe and generous.

$35 each

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White Wine





Tasting Notes

Pale white gold in colour with clear vibrant bright hues.

Wonderfully lifted, floral, ripe and generous. The upfront aromas are of citrus blossom and ripe green melon. There are also spiced aromas of cinnamon and clove with hints of freshly made custard and vanilla.

The palate is ripe, fresh, complex and clean. The upfront fruit flavours are of nectarine, white peach and ripe figs. The mid palate is broad with a bready, slightly cheesy complexity. The back palate is rounded, soft, dry, long and slightly nutty.

Cellar for 3 – 6 years.

Enjoy with Roast chicken with baked potatoes and gravy, Baked camembert with caramelised fig, Steamed pearl perch on a bed of Asian greens with a potato sauce.

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