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Just like any business, a large part of success is attributed to the people who work and run Savannah Estate everyday. We’re lucky to employ some of the most knowledgeable and passionate staff in the Hunter Valley, many of whom have extensive wine industry experience and deep roots in the region. 

While experience counts, so does attitude. Our staffs aren’t just wine connoisseurs, they’re also really great people who all contribute a tight-knit culture of positivity and fun.

Savannah Peterson is the youngest member of the Peterson family to get involved and excel at wine making, and her bubbly spirit and hard work ethic has fostered a workplace environment where everyone feels like part of the family.

Visit us at Savannah Estate and be looked after by a team of experts that love wine, people and each other!




Savannah Estate is the namesake of Savannah Peterson – a third generation winemaker who blends fresh passion for wine with a rich family history in winemaking and tradition. The Petersons family have been making famed wine in the Hunter Valley region since 1982, beginning with Ian and Shirley Peterson. The family business was carried through by Colin and Judy Peterson, who involved their youngest daughter Savannah in winemaking from a young age.

Following in the footsteps of her grandparents and parents, Savannah embraces wine and food with the same intensity and passion that her forebears do and has a special love of being with and connecting to people. A lucky individual to pursue her passions, Savannah still finds it hard to believe she gets paid to do what she does, stating “I can confidently say that I truly love what I do, and it never feels like work”.

With an interest in pursuing new techniques and experimenting, paired with a healthy respect and love for traditional methods, Savannah Peterson is always hard at work with Gary Reed – the iconic Hunter Valley wine maker- to produce new and alternate varieties and styles. Savannah is heavily involved and hands-on with many aspects of the cellar doors that belong to the Peterson family, including the incredibly famous Peterson Wines, and can often be found bouncing around between serving in cellar doors, making wine, running events and tastings, and talking with her customers and staff.

Savannah has made the experience of a tasting a priority, alongside a premium product. Passionate about running an exciting and fun tasting, Savannah loves sharing her premium quality wines in a relaxed atmosphere with customers who leave as friends and keep coming back for every trip.

Well placed to keep the Peterson family wine empire alive with fresh ideas, love and hard work – Savannah Peterson is undoubtedly a success in her own right.